Crispy Pata Dish

Filipinos love their pork. Pata is Spanish for pork leg. Pork is deep fried and so it is called Crispy Pata. Mostly a party mainstay but in my household it isn’t. It is challenging to find a whole pork leg with skin at the local grocery stores so, I venture out to the Mexican market where I find the perfect meaty and fatty leg.

Deep fried the meat comes out moist and tender and the skin golden and crisp. This is accompanied by various dipping sauces. Filipinos love their sauces. There is the crispy pata sauce (breadcrumbs, vinegar and liver pate). Another sauce is vinegar with soy sauce & chopped red onions. Banana ketchup, yes, I said banana. The Philippines used to be the number one supplier of bananas. But my favorite is with vinegar, it is my version of liquid crack. For more information go to

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