Chinese Herbal Therapy

Last September 2016, my hubby and I travelled to Bejing, China. I had sprained my knee a month ago and supported it with a brace as I ventured off to see the sights of the city particularly the Great Wall. It was painful to stand without support from my hubby. In fact, I was on a wheelchair in some portions of the tour like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, China Zoo etc.

The Great Wall Tour included a visit to the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences where we were going to have a foot massage. The massage was very good since we were doing a lot of walking. After the massage a doctor approached me and since I had a brace on my knee he definitely knew the cause of my pain. With a translator he recommended 2 bottles of herbal medicine. I am Asian , 54 yrs old and I have confidence in Chinese herbal medicine. I purchased for total of $100. After one week the pain slowly healed and I’ve been cured. No more pain and I can stand and wear HEELS again.

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