Spiritual Button

My parents were hard-working upper middle class people. Why upper-middle class? Well, a maternal aunt lived with us and it became a three income household you see. Most of my schooling was in a private convent Catholic school from kindergarten to high school run by the Benedictine sisters. In college, it was the Maryknoll sisters that influenced me.

Catechism was a subject in school although the Bible was never used in class. Bible reading was a home assignment. I remember nuns in their habit teaching us the Lord’s Prayer, Holy Mary, Nicene Creed among others and making us memorize them. They also prepared us for confession and open communion. Open communion was a day of celebration. Families were to witness their children receive the Eucharist or the Host, the bread. This tradition was our expression of faith and of obedience to Christ. Truly, I felt the Catholic spirit.

I am 54 years old and I have read the Bible and I am going at it for another round. I took to heart the Bible readings. I owe it to Jehovah God or Yahweh to learn about him first before I delved into ALL the worldly books. When I go to the library or at Barnes and Noble I walk straight to their spiritual section and non-fiction particularly Historical section. I checkout the latest, revised and new editions of the Bible and sometimes find female version of the Bible. I also love reading about historical individuals (i.e gladiators, Josephus).

Most people would say, “You’re so devout!”. I would tell them, “I can’t say devout, but I am conscious of my spiritual need!”.

Photo: Library of Celsus in Ephesus (in the seasport of Kusadasi, Turkey); I am on the lower left side my back facing camera.

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