Paris’ Moulin Rouge of the 21st Century

In our trips to France we bought tickets to the cabaret show at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. It is marked by the red windmill on the roof. It used to be a place where courtesans would perform seductive can-can dances. Today, the Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction offering cabaret, a form of specially designed entertainment featuring music, song, dance, or drama. The entertainment, as done by an ensemble of female and male actors appeals towards adult audiences. The topless actors all beautiful and physically attractive.

We had good seats mostly for a group so, we had other tourists at our table. We opted for just champagne but they also serve dinner It was an unforgettable experience, a feast to the senses, beautiful & extravagant and the venue’s atmosphere was romantic France. If you can spare 110 Euros (champagne only) I recommend it. If you want the whole experience with dinner you’ll need around 190 Euros. Go for it!. You just don’t want to live, you want to live more!

Photo show tourists just coming out of the show, middle age to geriatric. And the long line behind them for the next show. All of them loving life. Give that a check on my husband’s luxe-bucket list.

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