Pee-Pee Boy


At a tea factory in Beijing, China

My husband and I attended a short demonstration of a tea ceremony in Beijing. We were shown a variety of teas – herbal, aged, medicinal or organic. The host spoke good English and was very professional in her grooming. Aside from sipping tea of different kinds she showed us a “tea pet” or Pee-Pee Boy that I’ve never seen or heard before. With a purchase of teas the Pee-Pee Boy was a freebie. In the US, it’s a free item with purchase.

A tea pet, also known as a tea lover’s pet, is a small clay figure which is kept by some tea drinkers for good luck. The most popular figure of the tea pet is the “Pee-Pee Boy”, which is used to judge whether the water is hot enough to make tea.

First submerge Pee-Pee Boy in hot water for a few minutes. Hold it carefully in the water so that air will come out. As soon as Pee-Pee Boy holds water, put it on a plate. You can now check if the temperature of your water is hot enough to make tea. Just pour hot water on Pee Pee Boy and he should pee. (The hot water you pour on PPB let’s the cold water expand and PPB pees.) I tried it and PPB peed and that meant a good hot brew of Puer tea.

I learned something new.

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