I.A.11. The Waking Dead (Pompeii)

Mt. Vesuvius erupted in August 79 AD and Pompeii was buried under 30 feet of ash and mud. Those people that did not flee were reduced by the centuries to skeletons, they remained entombed until excavations in the early 1800s. During the excavations around 1,200 bodies were discovered. This means that the vast majority of the city of 20,000 fled at the first signs of the volcanic activity.

The unique set of circumstances created by the eruption has allowed archaeologists to bring one hundred of those bodies ‘back to life’ in the form of casts “that preserve the body at the moment of death.”

Seeing the bodies – men, women, and children and animals makes me sad in their waking dead state. They held on to something futile.

Photo: A pregnant lady on the ground in her death posture.

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