I.A Pompeii In Pictures

A rich ancient city
near Naples,
bustling with trade,
money and art.

But Mt. Vesuvius
was letting her power
known by quaking,
tremors,clouds of ash,
stone and volcanic ash.
Some people started
fleeing leaving their
villas, valuables and

The eruption commenced.
Thick layers of ash
covered the town. Towns
and streets, their names
and locations now

Then, the digging began.
Excavation of human
and animal remains and
Pompeiian villas were
discovered. Certainly,
many were stubborn to
leave their material
riches behind. Well,
they were found in their
original position covered
in ash with valuables in
their hands fleeing to
find safety but it was
too late.

# This used to be a villa. In the middle of the 4 columns was a pool.

Note: My husband and I love to travel together. He does ALL arrangements and I just tag along although I spend more money in souvenirs. Can’t replace a memory. Fortunate to see this World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There’ll be more about Pompeii in the next blogs to come.

Simon Says

I remember my youth,
so happy to play the
Simon game.
My eyes filled with joy
as the tones play
when you push the
button down and
lights start blinking.
It challenged my
memory skills.

So sad that co-inventor
Ralph Baer died at 92.
He gave me so much
joy with his electronic

I remember him.

Rhodian Naval Power

A magnificent acropolis
on a massive rock.
This is Lindos,
a pleasing blend of
ancient and medieval,
the essence of Rhodes.

This relief of an ancient
Greek warship, shows
its naval power carved
into a rock.
A Rhodian Trireme
is what it’s called.

What a privilege to
witness this historic site
and see the beauty of
of Rhodes in Greece
that once ruled
the ancient seas.

A Colorful Island Named Burano

brightly colored
light blue,
white and
reflected in the
green waters of
the canals.

This island Burano
north of Venice,
a home of tranquility
and calmness.
A venue for artists
and tourists.

Lace making with needles
made the island rich …
time consuming
and expensive.
But technology came
and tradition was lost.

Fishermen put up
fresh fish in traditional boats.
Let’s have a taste of
Burano cuisine.
Famous of which is
the “risotto de gò”.
Creamy and tasty
from broth of fresh goby.

Besides being known
for their quality
of service; let’s check
the kitchen, authentic like in
the days of old,
a “trattoria buranella”
(a tavern).
Preserving the fish
cuisine only where you
can still eat delicious
fresh fish.