3.A.4. “You really haven’t seen Capri …”

” You really haven’t seen Capri until you’ve seen it from the sea” -Unknown

Lounging on the beach on Capri is not always an easy endeavor. There are no endless stretches of soft sand. . The seafront here is lined with pebbles, boulders, and steep cliffs from which you can dive directly into the Mediterranean. To reach the water’s edge, you often have to descend steep flights of steps or walking trails through the wild countryside (which you will then have to climb back up after your swim!). That said, the reward is worth the effort: crystalline waters so clear you can see straight down to the sea floor.

Impressive is the color of the waters that changes in sunlight, in the shade and at sunset. Blue … deep cobalt … emerald. Cyan is the best description of the waters of Capri.


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