To Follow Or Unfollow

I browse through blogs from WordPress and Discover every day. I blog because I found a forum where it’s a quiet setting – it’s me, my mind, heart and my laptop and out there in the blogosphere there are persons that want to be touched – mind, heart and make them smile. More importantly the reason is to feed my mind of the new and share my creativity of the current and new.

See, I practice what I preach. I want short readable material, maybe a caption, an interesting description, photos of flora and fauna … nature, animals and sensible poems. I love to read non-fiction biographies and memoirs. The individual’s goals, dreams, fears, illness, death and it’s causes. LIFE Not to be morbid, it is a fact of life.

My current read is Crime Scene Inc. A company that cleans up suicide, accidents, and death from natural causes. Very interesting. Cleaing up brain
matter … STOP.

I love to watch TV, movies and travel (because I do travel specially internationally and visit big and small towns of the Best of _____, (fill out with a European country), restaurants and buy souvenirs and my finances is quite generous, millenial stuff and black slang and dance. I AM JUST CURIOUS. But I hate small talk. The haters I ignore. The Bible dropping verse chain letters and the “I nominate this person to send a photo of Bffs” thead. People who say, “I am so blessed because I got a promotion.” Yeah! and the rest aren’t. What about a poor family who feels blessed because the husband found a job? That is real blessing.

And those that make fun of a physical deformity, a dysfunction … A blogger wrote a piece about individuals with a sizable mole (like a pimple) on their face (in the middle of the nose) and made fun of it. I wrote back to educate blogger TwoBeesinaBlog and I didn’t get a response. I educated them about their ignorance and insensitivity. IT WAS WRONG.

Everyone has a point of view and opinion . It’s RESPECT even if you do not agree. I just have a few followers but I give them cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, the best.

3 thoughts on “To Follow Or Unfollow

  1. About the blogger you mentioned , I just don’t understand why people feel that this media gives them the right to be so crude . It’s just crazy , the best thing I ever saw was a friend of mine was writing in fb about a professional wrestler sucking or something to that effect , the wrestler actually replied to him saying . Your tough behind the computer but why don’t you come meet me in the street , we will see whose the tough guy then 😂

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