8.A.1 Ruins of the Phileppion, Olympia _ Greece

I’m back … it has been a very busy few months. I had a medical tune-up and so to speak – balancing from head to toe. X-rays, MRI, CAT scan, Psyc Eval has been part of it.

Well, let’s continue from where I left off (July 2017) in the western part of Greece. Part of our Best of Greece tour is the Museum of Olympia (will discuss in future) and then to the archaelogical site. The photo is called The Philippieion, a circular building of religious and political significance. The building contained gold and ivory statues commemorating the kings and their victories in 338 BC.

I learned that on occasion of the Athens Olympic Games of 2004, the Berlin Museum returned ten of the building’s architectural members (fragments of the base and columns, a Corinthian capital, part of the marble gutter with a lion’s head water-spout, and a marble roof-tile) for its restoration. . [German archaeologists began excavating at Olympia around 1829.]

I wonder why are Greece’s treasures at the Berlin Museum?

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