8.A.2.b. Chryselephantine Inside Temple of Zeus

This is the real showpiece, Zeus. I had to find out what was inside this building the same way I wanted to know what the Parthenon was keeping inside. I researched and it’s all relative, huge temple and a huge statue. I can’t compare it to what we have today. I’ve been to Europe and China. I’m on the lookout.

I learned that a sculpture of Zeus was inside the temple, called the Chryselephantine (carved from ivory, the ivory was soaked in a liquid that made it softer, so it was probably both carved and shaped as necessary) then covered with gold plating (thus chryselephantine) and was seated on a magnificent throne of cedarwood, inlaid with ivory, gold, ebony, and precious stones. Statue was approximately 43 feet high. (Online Olympia, Greece)


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