9.B.1. Hermes and the Infant Dionysus Sculpture


One of the highlights of the museum is Hermes and the Infant Dionysus, also called Hermes of Praxiteles. Praxiteles is the sculptor who was the first to sculpt the nude female form in a life-size statue. Discovered in the ruins of the Temple of Hera, Olympia.

But what is special about this sculpture? I wonder. First, it’s made of Parian marble; the anatomy of the body is accurate in its form and the sheen reveals the tone in the skin, cloth, sandals and hair.

My photo had too much light where I couldn’t capture the definition of Hermes carrying the child, Dionysus in his arm in a twisted pose.

Photo attributed to Wikipedia.

PS. I learned this fact from our tour guide. Looking at Greek, Roman sculptures, paintings, carvings, etc. You’ll need to ask yourself. Is the subject showing 1) Movement/Action or 2) Passive – lacking immobility, just a pose. What do you think?

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