9.B.2. Nike of Paionios, Museum

Looking at this statue does not give me a clue at what is going on. But this must have been important to the Olympians that it has a room of its own at the sculptures section of the museum.

To be honest I just walked in the room and took pictures. It was broken into pieces and just restored. It was lacking face, neck, forearms, part of left leg, toes and some fragments of drapery. It also had wings. So, when I developed my Greece adventure photos I had to do research about Nike of Paionios.

Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and her Parian marble figure is flying landing gently on her left foot, with the drapery blown against her body. It originally stood near the temple of Zeus. Deep inside I said to myself, Wow!

As I mentioned in earlier posts when looking at statues, reliefs (a sculpture in which figures or designs are raised or elevated from a background), frieze (wood carvings, rock and metal work carvings) … Ask yourself, is what I’m looking at a form of Movement or Passive (statue)? Keep it in mind. Makes it simple in understanding various forms of art. Thanks to our Greek tour guide.

I say movement.

My photo.
Research source: Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

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