10.A. Pediments (Architecture), Olympia Museum

Still staring and gazing around the museum’s exhibition areas taking it in, educating myself what civilization was like in this place. One can’t miss the center and largest room in the building, Room 5. The room is named Pediments and Metopes of the Temple of Zeus. Earlier, in my blog (8.A.2.a) I showed an artist’s illustration of the Temple of Zeus’s architecture.

What is a pediment? After developing my photos downloading and identifying per the museum’s exhibits (i.e. bronze room, sculpture room, terracotta room, etc.), I was intrigued by the name. I will also feature metopes in a future blog. It’s difficult for me to explain but a visual helped me to understand. It is described as an architectural element usually of a triangular shape.

Online photo. New York State Appellate Courthouse Pediment

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