12.A.9. Theater of Delphi

Perched on a hillside is the theatre of Delphi, built in 400 BC of white stone from Parnassus. Its capacity is estimated to 5,000 spectators. In the theatre were held the music and dramatic competitions of the Pythian Games; moreover, the theatre, as the place of public gatherings used for the disclosure of the majority of slaves to be released.

No future events are on its lineup.

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12.A.6. The Altar of the Chians, Delphi

The big gray Chians altar of the temple of Apollo where sacrifices were made during the celebrations. From the inscription the altar was built at 5th cent B.C with the money of Chians (the people of Chios) who got in return the right to be allowed to ask first for the oracle without waiting in line.

Online photo because my photo shows an incomplete facade of the temple, so, for viewers to understand the visuals.

12.A.5. Tholos of Delphi

The Tholos is (among the ancient structures) the circular building in the center of the Sanctuary of Athena. It is attributed to the cult of heroes or deities of the underworld. In 373 B.C. a large earthquake destroyed a large part of the sanctuary. Only three of the exterior columns have today been restored.

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