Turkish Jewelry and Why I Love Them.3

I Love Turkish Jewelry!

My interest in Turkish jewelry started in 2014. Jewelry is one of this country’s export obviously the number one are silk/wool carpets and rugs.

This is a beautiful pendant with sapphire (blue) main stone surrounded by ruby pink and white topaz stones.

Turkish Jewelry and Why I Love Them.2

I Love Turkish Jewelry!

A girl loves bags, shoes, clothes and diamonds, but that is not reality. I’m a normal person who loves pretty colorful things that make me happy. I only get diamonds through inheritance. But gemstones are fascinating – shape, color, and hues. – Ruby is red, sapphire is blue, and emerald is green. Quartz comes in yellow (mimics a yellow diamond), blue (mimics a blue diamond) and green (can be assumed as an emerald).

My gemstone is amethyst, the traditional birthstone for February. My amethyst necklace has hues of violet or purple surrounded by white topaz. I love the deep color of violet. Amethyst is mined primarily in Brazil and Sri Lanka. It’s a great export for this third world countries. God has given this countries something other nations do not offer.