To Use Humor To A Rumor

First of all I don’t talk like this. This is an Instagram post by a person who is an OG in the TV Series Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). She is my favorite and her name is Nene Leakes. She is glamorous, has a wild sense of humor, nice & kind, a good friend, her high IQ wit is uncomparable, loves to laugh and never, never, ever cross her (She keeps it real). I just find her transparent and organic. Just that she re-invented herself from being a pole dancer/stripper and now an actor, business woman equals – a rich woman.

I find her hilarious. Nene’s modern proverbs that she lets out on Instagram are a delight. I read it twice to get the meaning of the Atlanta vibe. Since my exposure to black friends is close to me, I get it. Laughter makes the day brighter so we can move forward. Rumors, gossip, whispers … if there is one, I want to hear it but not the one to spread it.

Stock Photo: Nene Leakes Instagram

To My Readers: I respect you. You are busy but life isn’t boring. So, I will get to the point.

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