In the software programming world or coder universe, a cheat code as a noun is a hidden feature or capability in a computer or video game. An example: In fact, some game levels are so tough that I had to resort to cheats to get through, says Peter Cohen.

Here, I’m talking about sexually unfaithful cheat code as a verb. It’s plain as day; deceitful, a liar and a cheater-face. It’s usually the best friend that knows.

“When U catch him cheating, choke his best friend cause he knew the whole time.”

Note: This is a Nene Leake’s quote. This is not my own.


I see betrayal in a positive light.

It hurts even though your heart, mind and soul tells you different. “I’m solid as a rock?” It won’t affect me. You cry. You’re depressed. You want revenge!

But, think of this: It’s the betrayal that blessed you.

Now, you are aware of the backstabbing, disloyalty, double cross, falsity, hypocrisy, infidelity, the sellout, treachery, two-timing, unfaithfullness and untrustworthiness. Now, you know!

Note: This is Nene Leake’s Quotes. I do not own this material.