Ever since I was young I always loved adventure. I lived in the city and I was just happy going to a nearby park, accompanying my mother to church, spending some time with chickens at my uncle’s poultry farm or just visiting relatives who owned a resort with a swimming pool. What a treat.

Later, my interest changed. I had 2 children, my husband and I decided that the most inexpensive way to take a vacation was to go on road trips and camp at national parks like Yosemite, Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, etc. It was memorable for our family.

Now that the children are grown and have their own adventures, my husband and I are making our own. Since 2011 we planned a “Best of Italy” tour. 14 days,
1 country, 16 cities (Sometimes additional day to cross the border to Lugano, Switzerland). Then in 2014 it was “Best of Greece” plus 4-day Aegean cruise. 13 days, 2 countries, 13 cities (included a stop at a Turkish port; and then on our own 4-day trip to Paris, France. I find that 14 days is what I can afford to be away from my dogs. We took a break in 2015 and enjoyed sun and sea in Cancun, Mexico for 5 days.

Last year in 2016 after seeing Europe we decided to go to the Far East – Tour of Hongkong and Tour of Beijing, China.

As we explore captivating landscapes, culture, hospitality, mouth-watering flavours at a “Be My Guest” dinner and hidden treasures, we make memories – long term memories.