Here’s a perspective about cats in Asian countries. In the past, the 1960s, when I was growing up, cats were not domesticated. Companionship with a cat by humans was rare or non-existent. But there were a lot of wild cats that were freely ranged, roamed the streets and that avoided human contact. I’d see them in the streets most of the time looking for food in the neighborhood. My neighbors were nice and good people who would leave food in a bowl outside their front yard.

These wild cats when in heat mate in the evenings on the roofs of our homes. Veterinary practice was in it’s early beginnings and so I was not acquainted with spaying. The cries, the meows are super loud and they wrestle with each other. The roofs of our house is made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is suitable for high temperature applications of up to 200 C, so, it is the best material for roofing in tropical countries (if you’ve been to Hawaii you will notice this type of roofing.) This sheet of steel has ridges so that when it rains the water slides down onto the gutter and to the ground. There are just two seasons, dry and wet. To visualize – it’s like a ridged pringle. The steel is thin, welded together and not sound proof. We barely get enough sleep when they start to mate and it takes a few nights until the male cat gets what it wants. The meows are intense, the pitch is high and the tone is low. You’d hear running, pounding and rolling. Then, peace and kittens.

Another aspect is the myth that “A Cat Has Nine Lives!” It is said that cats give good luck because it often survives dangerous accidents. Falling cats can twist in midair and are able to survive falling from great heights leading people to say that cats have multiple lives.

In my neighborhood, male teenagers, hang around, drink and think of crazy antics. They are bored. Just like in farms across the United States, where cow tipping is a form of entertainment or possibly just an urban legend. But this can’t compare to what the entertainment these boys are up to.

These young boys test the myth. Someone gets a hemp sack and puts a cat inside the sack, ties a knot, then throws it over a bridge. Usually, what’s under the bridge is a stream, not a river or a freeway (no freeways during this time.) You would think that the cat should be dead.

Well, the following day, that cat is back on the street. The teenagers are creeped out. I’m shaken up and ask myself, how? I don’t have an answer but the myth is no longer a myth.

At the start of Generation X (following the baby boomers and preceeding the Millenials), a revolution started continuing until today, cats have had very good years. Cats in the Philippines are loved, have healthcare, groomed, spoiled and cuddled.

Extra Rice, Rice, Baby!

I had a strategy to hire a foodware developer/software developer/coder so when I wake up in the morning check the computer and with the help of symbols, numbers and letters I can identify who my enemies is/are. Then, I will dress incognito. Go the grocery and stalk the meat and fish section, the produce, the deli section, dairy section, ice cream, pasta, chips & candy, and the bakery. Did I leave anything behind? YES! How could I? I missed the Asian/Mediterranean aisles. I found my enemy: Aaahhh … “RICE!”

Rice, it’s just rice right? But there are a list of varieties I didn’t even know about. What I know is the floral Thai-Jasmine rice and the exotic Mediterranean, Indian-Basmati rice. But there are a whole world out there and here’s a simple list (to educate you and me): Texas rice, Texas wild rice, Calrose, Nishiki, California New Variety rice, Carolina varieties, Loiusiana varieties, African varieties, Bangladeshi, Cambodian, wild rice, Italian and Japanese. The Philippines alone has the white rice, sticky rice (for dessert), brown and black rice.

My enemies names are so floral, exotic and sometimes wild. So charming. Rice tastes so damn good with good dishes, stew or grilled or as desserts. This problem that I focused to create an algorithm for has the same outcome – Extra Rice. This requires major shift in my brain and is agonizing.

Since childhood, rice has been our main staple. In third world countries this is mostly the diet. A carton of Pancit or chow mein will feed a family of 10. Two tablespoons of chow mein but 2 to 3 cups of rice. Rice is a god. But since the countries are in the tropics, the heat is intense and humidity is so high that once you walk out of your house you perspire. Rice is for the people is energy, it sustains them from walking in the heat, working at businesses with no electric fans, air coolers or wall air conditioners. 3 Egyptian cotton bath towels would be absorbed from sweat of just one person. For the rich, they take 3 to 4 baths a day (not showers, baths.) Still, you will cross paths of people thin, skinny, langky. Why? Inspite of a good mounds of rice on their plate, their energy is due to climate factors is spent. Rice, in these part of the world is GOLD.

But, I live in the United States where we are so blessed with a variety of food and with DIETS that will not allow as to eat these foods. I MADE RICE MY FRIEND. My brain can handle portion sizes. When I use to have 2 cups of rice and an abundance of dishes which I loved to taste and eat and chow down, you bet, I am not visiting that weight scale (that is like a prison sentence.) Anxiety is involved and then depression kicks in.

Now, my thought process has changed, I think of the global consumption that depend on rice. And to be conscious of the world’s rice food cultivation. So, I found the solution to that hidden algorithm in the Dart Net. That, rice size portion is the best. Start backwards …plate of Xtra Rice (3 bowls), Xtra Large (2-1/2 bowls), Large (2 bowls), Medium (1 bowl) and Small (1/2 bowl). I can live with this.

To My Readers: I respect you. You are busy but life isn’t boring. So, I will get to the point.

If My Pants Don’t Fit, I Can’t Have A Fit

Note: To get a background of the source of the feature image, go to my blog: “TO USE HUMOR TO A RUMOR.”

Dieting is the application and the attempt to achieve or maintain a certain weight through diet. Not all diets are considered healthy. Weight-loss plans from professional dieticians involve changes to a person’s normal eating habits in moderation. This is a healthy way. It will not upset your brain, hormones and your metabolism. In fact, these will elevate a healthy person out of you.

People also align diet and exercise. This is the most effective way to lose weight and will make you gain self confidence. The results will reflect on your soul, spirit and more importantly the scale and your closet. The battle isn’t over because you have to maintain it.

There are so many diets, most popular are: vegan, pescatarian, Weight watchers diet, Nutrisystem, Atkins, South Beach, Beverly Hills diet, cabbage soup diet, grapefruit, Subway, juice fasting, Master cleanse, Buddhist diet, Islamic diet, Diabetic diet, Kosher, Gluten-free diet, Ketogenic diet, Alkaline diet, High protein diet, Jenny Craig, Macroboiotic, Mediterranean, Organic food diet, Paleolithic diet, Scarsdale medical diet, Zone diet and more and more and more.

Think about this: The United States is the only country that has more food to eat than any other country in the world and God has provided a variety, a bountiful harvest of vegetation and fruits. Also, milk, butter, eggs, etc. – food products produced by animals, and HAVE MORE DIETS TO KEEP US FROM EATING IT.

If you ask me, my number one enemy is EXTRA RICE . My weight varies from 148 to 159. I love to eat and enjoy all kinds of food which I take in moderation. I lie. Oops! My gauge is if my pants don’t fit, I can’t have a fit.

Stock Photo: Nene Leakes Instagram

To My Readers: I respect you. You are busy but life isn’t boring. So, I will get to the point.

To Use Humor To A Rumor

First of all I don’t talk like this. This is an Instagram post by a person who is an OG in the TV Series Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). She is my favorite and her name is Nene Leakes. She is glamorous, has a wild sense of humor, nice & kind, a good friend, her high IQ wit is uncomparable, loves to laugh and never, never, ever cross her (She keeps it real). I just find her transparent and organic. Just that she re-invented herself from being a pole dancer/stripper and now an actor, business woman equals – a rich woman.

I find her hilarious. Nene’s modern proverbs that she lets out on Instagram are a delight. I read it twice to get the meaning of the Atlanta vibe. Since my exposure to black friends is close to me, I get it. Laughter makes the day brighter so we can move forward. Rumors, gossip, whispers … if there is one, I want to hear it but not the one to spread it.

Stock Photo: Nene Leakes Instagram

To My Readers: I respect you. You are busy but life isn’t boring. So, I will get to the point.

Turkish Jewelry and Why I Love Them.2

I Love Turkish Jewelry!

A girl loves bags, shoes, clothes and diamonds, but that is not reality. I’m a normal person who loves pretty colorful things that make me happy. I only get diamonds through inheritance. But gemstones are fascinating – shape, color, and hues. – Ruby is red, sapphire is blue, and emerald is green. Quartz comes in yellow (mimics a yellow diamond), blue (mimics a blue diamond) and green (can be assumed as an emerald).

My gemstone is amethyst, the traditional birthstone for February. My amethyst necklace has hues of violet or purple surrounded by white topaz. I love the deep color of violet. Amethyst is mined primarily in Brazil and Sri Lanka. It’s a great export for this third world countries. God has given this countries something other nations do not offer.

Turkish Jewelry And Why I Love Them.1

I love Turkish Jewelry!

Read first the original blog explaining art in Turkish jewelry. This photo is a fashioned from a royal Turkish ring with a variety of gemstones. The main stone is violet amethyst and surrounded by pink rubies, blue sapphires and white topaz. I love this ring because amethyst is the gemstone for February. What a beauty.

Turkish Jewelry And Why I Love Them

I love Turkish Jewelry! Let me explain.

Turkey is a country in Western Asia also known as the Turkish Empire in Europe. In ancient antiquity, before Turkey came to be was Constantinople (Istanbul), the capital of the Byzantine Empire. The Muslim Ottomans captured Constantinople in 1453. The Ottomans ended the Byzantine Empire conquest of Constantinople by Mehmed the Conqueror (Turkish: Fatih Sultan Mehmet) also known as the Mehmed the Ottoman Turk. He is considered a hero in modern-day Turkey and parts of the wider Muslim world.

An empire has an emperor, a monarch of a kingdom which is a royalty. This royalty is expressed in their jewelry design and craftmanship. I was first introduced to it on a trip to Kusadasi, Turkey in 2014. Their jewellers only use genuine gemstones – ruby, sapphire and emerald. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are like art that comes to life. Enough of talk and just let me show you.

These are my collection to share so you can visually appreciate Turkey’s greatest exports. The photo is a cuff/bracelet using emeralds, pink rubies and topaz.