A Tribute to The Father of Pac-Man

TOKYO — Masaya Nakamura, the “Father of Pac-Man” who founded the Japanese video game company behind the hit creature-gobbling game, has died. He was 91. (CBS News January 30, 2017)

I was saddened when I heard the news. It reminded me of the best times in the 1980s and thru 1990s. I remember spending hours at the arcade playing Pac-Man at the Ali Mall, located at Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City in the Philippines. This game was non-violent but it raised my adrenaline so high that everytime I lost a life I would start over and over and over again aiming to finish levels. I never reached a level 5 when there are 256 levels. I also loved the sound the machine made when it swallowed my coins. Steering the Pac-Man through mazes on the hunt for ghostly creatures and the collection of fruits was giving me Pac-Man fever. Now, in the United States, each time I passed by an arcade whether at theme parks or at pizza joints I was like an infrared seeking missile honing on that arcade game. It was my personal game.

Game Play:
Pac dots Pac-Man Power Pellets Four enemies or monsters or ghosts: (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) Fruit


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